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With a life-long passion and obsession for vocals, Alana K is a well-regarded and recognised vocal coach, teacher and mentor within the musical spectrum.


Known for her "dynamic and inspiring" coaching, Alana K provides a comprehensive, cutting-edge approach using innovative techniques and methods tailored to individual clients’ personal needs and specific goals.


With a career spanning over a decade developing the full potential of vocal artists, musicians, performers and entrepreneurs, Alana K has honed her teaching skills to form the exclusive “Vocal Lifestyle Method”.


Taking a holistic approach, the Vocal Lifestyle Method incorporates all aspects of a client’s art: from technical work, rehearsals and staging, to writing, touring, pre-production, recording, health, diet, networking and downtime.


Alana K’s formal qualifications at Monash University (Music and Education) and Berklee USA (voice), are complimented by continuous further studies, professional development and by her many years of professional experience as an artist, musician, performer (national and international), studio coach and public speaker.


Alana K has developed many hundreds of vocalists of all ages, in all genres such as pop, rock, funk, jazz, theatre, death metal and more.


Alana K’s innovative Vocal Lifestyle Method gives vocal artists the expertise and tools to carry them through the rest of their performing lives.


You can book a coaching session by enquiring here...

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