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Tim Charles

“Alana K is a teacher of the highest quality. She is experienced in a variety of contemporary genres and is able to amplify your strengths and zone in on your weaknesses so that you come out the other end a much superior...



"Alana’s dedication to the voice is a rare and precious thing, embracing all vocal styles and abilities with an open, liberating mind... She sings of freedom”.

Eye Of The Enemy/Comedian

Mitch Alexander

"Alana K  is almost literally worth her weight in gold. And depending on how late you leave it to book, she’s likely worth the wait in gold too......

In Malices Wake

Shaun Farrugia

"I went to see Alana to help with my voice wear after repeated nights doing vocals in In Malice's Wake.  I have loved all of our sessions, she has tailored our sessions to my voice...

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Cradle Of Filth

Lindsay "SchoolCraft" Matheson

"Alana K is by far the most logical and adaptable vocal coach I have ever worked with. Even after my first session with her I was able to make leaps and bounds with breaking some old habits and moving forward in...

The Amenta/Malignant Monster

Cain Cressall

In my numerous experiences working with Alana over the last few years, I have found her to be profoundly knowledgeable in all things related to the vocal mechanism...

Orpheus Omega/Eye Of The Enemy

Chris Themelco

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alana for a while now and it’s been the most pleasant learning experience I’ve had...

Sisters Doll/Australia's Got Talent

Brennan Mileto

Alana is a passionate and amazing vocal coach and mentor. She has given me the confidence and...

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